Mia and Elettra brace mates

Elettra in her “sit down” pointing stance. She stole the point from Mia, whose head you can see as a little white speck in the sage brush behind Elettra

Saturday was the opening day of Pheasant hunting and the first time I hunted with Elettra and Mia as a brace. Dang if it wasn’t a pleasure hunting behind them. I’ve never seriously trained them together but they’re a natural brace and really compliment each other well and it was just plain fun watching them run the field together.

About all that’s left for Elettra is learning to retrieve and honor. She has a variety of stances when she goes on point: occasionally goes into the standard pointing stance; her favorite is that which you see with setters; then she’s got a near-sitting stance which looks like she’s sitting down on the job.

Mia’s experience is really beginning to show and as her confidence grows, she’s really beginning to take command; this from a pup that didn’t seem very birdy and was gun shy as well. She seems to get a particular joy out of plowing headlong into the thickest brush available.

Although I had other commitments on Saturday, I was able to squeeze in a couple hours of hunting. Withing minutes within starting out, Mia went on point immediately followed by Elettra. Then as I moved in, Elettra crept up stealing Mia’s point, but whatever had been there was gone and we moved on.
Some time later we flushed a hen Pheasant as the guys were working their way through some cattails and reeds. I did flush a nice rooster when I followed the guys into a patch of cattails that probably covers a good 10 acres, but was unable to get a shot off; I didn’t have good balance and wasn’t able to regain it in time to shoot.

I did get a couple of shots at a passing goose. There’s a large pond out in the middle of those cattails and a number of ducks as well as a lone goose landed while we were hunting. The goose decided to head back to open water and passed directly overhead, however my load was either too light or I missed altogether because it just kept on going.

Mia went on a solid point when we came to a drain ditch, but I was unable to kick anything up out of the grass, so again whatever had been there had moved on. I’m thinking it was a Pheasant that sneaked along the ditch since Mia tracked along the ditch bank for some time before losing the scent. Regardless of getting any birds, it was a couple hours of just plain fun hunting with the Spins.


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  1. 2 brown dawgs blog (@2browndawgsblog) Says:

    Sounds like a good time.

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