Doc’s first point

I took the guys out for a romp in the pasture, Sophie and Doc, Elvis and Dakota, Mia and Elettra – and was Doc ever a changed pup! This was only his second time in the pasture but he seemed to know what it was all about, doing his best to drag me with his leash; once in the pasture Doc showed a lot more independence, using his nose, and less time playing.

At 3 months, a flash point is a big step forward. 11-17-12

Since I never know if there’s a rogue bird in the pasture, I always try influencing the guys into the wind while they do their thing. Doc began getting birdy but at his age, I didn’t pay much attention to it, discounting it as another one of those mystery scents that gets a dog’s attention. He then went on point briefly, not much more than a flash point, then really began working into the breeze.

Doc pointing a Pheasant carcass, 11-17-12.

Then he really honed in on the scent and about 30 feet farther went on point. It was the remains of a Pheasant that had recently been killed and eaten, leaving behind a few bones and a lot of feathers. I gently stroked his back while he held point, took a couple of pictures, then gave him a little nudge and told him to “get it”.

Now just a little closer for a better point, 11-17-12

I tickled his nose with some of the tail feathers and let him mouth some of the wing as a reward. After that he wasn’t about to leave the remains so I eventually had to put his leash back on and carry him out of the pasture.


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5 Responses to “Doc’s first point”

  1. 2 brown dawgs blog (@2browndawgsblog) Says:

    What a good boy. That is excellent for such a young pup. 🙂

    • murphydogs Says:

      He seems to have strong instincts, and I’m just giving him opportunities to show me what they are. At least for now he seems to have a lot of promise.

  2. jenniesisler Says:

    What an absolutely adorable dog! It seems like his nose and instincts are spot on. Looks like you’ll have a great hunting partner in your future.

    • murphydogs Says:

      Thanks, he seems to have all the qualities and instincts for a good bird dog. When it comes to birds, I see a lot of Mia in him (his half sister).

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