Playing, training, therapy and hunting

It’s been kind of a laid back week. The cold weather has the dogs all fired up and they’ve been playing both inside and out.

I’ve been doing a little obedience training with Doc, including introducing him to the waist cord and the “whoa” command. Doc’s training has all been indoors since my training table is now scrap lumber, and it would be too cold to train outdoors anyway.

I took Elettra hunting today and a friend who’s into photography came with us to take some quality photos.

Checking the stream for ducks.

Checking the stream for ducks.

And last but certainly not least, Elvis and I visited an assisted living center. Both he and Sophie are doing great things as therapy dogs.

Elettra on point

Elettra on point


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7 Responses to “Playing, training, therapy and hunting”

  1. Nana Says:

    So proud of all you do Robert!

  2. Dancing on a Blade of Grass Says:

    Lovely to see these videos. I especially loved Doc’s expression in response to the ‘Whoa’ command.

  3. 2 brown dawgs blog (@2browndawgsblog) Says:

    Gosh Doc is getting so big! He seems to be really getting the hang of it. Very nice pictures. We had a January thaw and all of our snow is now mud!

  4. msshirleyb Says:

    Love the videos especially the training ones. I appreciate all your hard work.. .

  5. jenniesisler Says:

    I could watch that video of them playing all day – it brought a big smile to my face:) I can see why Elvis and Sophie are good therapy dogs. And Doc is quite the little stinker isn’t he? You can see how smart and eager to please he is in the training video. This post made my day.

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