Shopping with Spinone

Last Saturday was a lazy day following Friday’s hunt, but Doc and Mia were ready for more so I took them shopping. We ran short of dog food since their appetite is way up from the cold weather and amount of hunting they’ve been doing. We feed them twice a day and they get about two cups of dog food a day, however we feed them all they want as long as they’re hungry. Recently the Spins have been asking for more and after Friday’s hunt, Doc put away two extra cups of dog food and Mia one.

So Doc went with me on a dog food run to the nearby feed store. After picking up a bag of high quality, Made in the US, dog food, we went to the vet’s for a visit. Definitely not Doc’s favorite place but the vet had suggested bringing the guys in for occasional visits to ease their minds.

After bringing Doc back home, I took Mia for a walk downtown and then a visit to CAL Ranch. She did great, checking out the dog food and then patiently sitting in the aisle surveying the shelves of sporting goods while I picked out gun wipes. She then gave her stamp of approval on the pizza that I bought for lunch.

The Labs were happy being couch potatoes but Elvis was bored and sat with his chin on the window sill staring out. He wasn’t interested in going out in the back yard so I took him out for a run in the pasture. After his run in the pasture, he stayed out with me while I did some yard work and spent his time, sniffing, exploring, and tolerating the neighbor’s puppy. Just what the doctor ordered.



3 Responses to “Shopping with Spinone”

  1. jenniesisler Says:

    That’s a good idea to take your dogs by the vet just to say hi – that way they won’t just associate it with negative things…I’m glad Elvis got some time outside too. Sounds like a nice time for all involved.

  2. 2browndawgs Says:

    If we gave our dogs as much food as they wanted, they would eat the bag…lol. We have had to really cut Storm back since her spay surgery. She gets one cup 2 times a day. Such a change from a few years ago when she was getting 4 cups a day and still rail thin.

    • murphydogs Says:

      We have to keep Sophie and Elvis on diets, and Dakota could eat her weight in dog food every day and not gain any weight. Fixing them sure changes their metabolism.

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